Boot Camp- Come experience a boot camp like no other. If you like a high impact kick your butt type of workout, then this 12 week boot camp program is for you. Come experience how our elite military personal stay in tip top shape and have a little fun doing so.

Beginners Boot Camp- Beginner Boot camp is a great way to introduce an individual who is curious about boot camp, but wary of the boot camp design and intensity. Beginner boot camp is at half the intensity of our regular boot camp. Our trainers work with each participant in the class to help them graduate to the next level.

Playground- Send the kids to school then come on by The Playground®, where adults play. If you’re tired of the same old gym workouts and classes, this workout is for you! 2 trainers will push you like never before. Experience a high intensity interval workout with kettle bells, medicine balls, cargo ropes, slosh pipes, stairs and more. You’re guaranteed to drop a size, lose fat, and have fun. The Playground is offered 3 times a week Monday, Wednesday & Friday.

Speed & Agility Classes - Over the course of our 6 week training, we’ve designed a program to focus on the improvement of speed and agility. The goal is for our athletes to help improve their strength, speed and agility while preparing or augmenting their sports season. The athletes will work on the fundamentals of speed and the mechanics of the body that will ensure improvement in the athletes speed and agility on and off the field. Led by a group of speed and agility coaches that have worked with youth, collegiate and professional sports programs, the program is catered to fostering the improvement of fitness levels in a positive environment.

Small Group Training- You and your friend(s); you and your neighbors; or you and your family members; it doesn’t matter whom you share with, it’s personal training with each person of the group giving one another support. Take advantage of our semi-private and small group training classes. Prices vary.

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